MAY 13 The End

We opened up for a great Canadian band called Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk! It was a rockin' show. I love that venue!


APRIL 10 Cafe Coco

My favorite place to get a midnight snack AND my favorite place to give a midnight "music snack". Too good to be true, right? It was a fun night! 

FEBRUARY 28 Bongo Java

We played tucked in the upstairs nook of this famous Nashville coffee house across from Belmont University. We packed the house!

FEBRUARY 19 Curb Cafe

GO BRUINS! We loved playing at the Curb Cafe at Belmont University. Our first run with the band was well received with warm bear hugs. :)

JUNE 21 Two Old Hippies Show

 Thanks to those who were able to make it out to the show and eat some of my granola! I hope you liked it!