Hi!  My name is Britney Holman, but you can call me Iris.


I come from a long line of music lovers.  Grandma Poulson once told me that her family, like mine, would often sing around the piano.  She said, “we never thought of music as a talent, it was just a way of life.” 


And it's true. Music is my way of life. It’s who I am. It’s what I want to do every day when I wake up.  It’s my friend when I’m lonely.  It helps heal my broken hearts and makes me happy.  It’s my perma-grin (You know--that smile that just stays on your face.) It’s through music that I can write about things that are hard for me to say. That’s why I need it.  It’s the way I can share my voice in a world of strong opinions and it’s my way of reaching out.  To you.


I was in Nashville for 7 years until I moved to Utah a few years ago. I love driving up the road and hiking, rock climbing and snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains but I miss the creative energy of Nashville. I loved it as much as I love music stores. Thereʼs something spine-tingly and magical about both of them.  It’s in music city where I met co-writer and producer Stephen Estrada.




We started writing a collection of songs for a singer/songwriter project contracted with Warner Chappell for their film and TV music library.  Once it was released on their website, we were pleasantly stunned to find out that our project was the top down load for three months in a row.  Perma-grin!!!  What's even better, thanks to YOU and all your support, our ditties are now on iTunes called "Blue Sky" by He & She.


So far our music has been used on the Dr. Oz show, Samsung's Keynote, The Food Network, Lekarze, To Nie Koniec Swiata, Prawo Agaty (all Polish TV shows), House Hunters, Univision, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Huffington Post videos "Puppies vs. Stairs" and "If It Fits I Sits." I've also caught word that Nordstrom, TJ Maxx, Old Navy, Starbucks and Victoria's Secret -where I heard it myself- have been jamming our tunes. Pretty exciting!


Other random trivia about me:


I’m the middle child of two brothers and 4 step-sisters. Yes.  7 all together.

I was able to play college soccer for one of the top programs in the country.

I lived in Ecuador as a missionary and speak fluent Spanish.

I have a degree in Communications and interned at Dateline NBC in the Big Apple.


So that's me! I recently signed with Neon Entertainment so right now I am gearing up for the college touring market, having a blast playing out with my band, planning random artistic scenarios for photo shoots and music videos, and writing and recording in the studio. You know-I'm just living the dream.


Feel free to stop in and hang out at a show, or pass along my songs, and just be a part of my way of life!!!